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(My) 12 Rules of Travel

I heard a fun podcast the other day about a person's "12 Rules for Living." I didn't want to attempt a list that wide ranging, so instead I offer my 12 Rules of Travel. Wishing you love and romance, Aviva Read a Book: It can be fiction or non-fiction--or my favorite, one of each--about the… Continue reading (My) 12 Rules of Travel

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Wondering where to vacation next?

Take this FIVE question quiz to see which BECKONED location--Barcelona, London, Bath, Los Angeles, or Honolulu--would make the best destination for your next vacation!   #playbuzz #quiz #vacation #beckoned #avivavaughn #travel

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Dear (potential) BECKONED Reader

Dearest Reader, BECKONED is about Angela: a modern, strong, and flawed woman--transitioning into full adulthood--and how her relationships with men change during that time. If you choose to embark on this journey with me, you--and your taste buds--will get to visit London, Barcelona, Bath, Los Angeles and Honolulu. It will be a fun--and delicious--ride! There… Continue reading Dear (potential) BECKONED Reader

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Adrià Brothers New Restaurants

Angela waxes poetic about the creativity of Ferran Adrià in BECKONED, Part 2: From Bath with Love. Sadly, I never had the chance to taste his creativity for myself...until now! Soon I'll have the chance to eat at Bodega1900 and Pakta (the Adrià brothers Peruvian/Japanese place), both located in Barcelona, and I can't wait to report back… Continue reading Adrià Brothers New Restaurants