Courtney Milan and her #metoo moment

As a "happa"--that's how we refer to those of us who are half-Asian, half-something else in Hawai'i--woman who was on the law track for a while, but then veered towards a different professional degree, I have always used the light that is Courtney Milan as a beacon to guide me and keep me sane on… Continue reading Courtney Milan and her #metoo moment

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Be Careful What You Wish For: the fantasy of “alpha males”

So-called "Alpha" male characters are all the rage. However, as icon after icon falls in the wake of #MeToo, maybe we should ask ourselves if that's a good thing. I had a reader tell me that they were annoyed by my novels'--BECKONED--polite, Danish hero Soren Lund because he wasn’t “Alpha” enough. I waved the comment… Continue reading Be Careful What You Wish For: the fantasy of “alpha males”