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Comprehensive Sex Education

As a woman, mother, and author, I’ve worked to educate myself about sex. Sex is a loaded word that can refer to many things: gender, biology, the act of procreation, however, all of these things are neither negative or positive, they just are. There are studies that show that CSE leads to fewer unplanned pregnancies,… Continue reading Comprehensive Sex Education


Courtney Milan and her #metoo moment

As a "happa"--that's how we refer to those of us who are half-Asian, half-something else in Hawai'i--woman who was on the law track for a while, but then veered towards a different professional degree, I have always used the light that is Courtney Milan as a beacon to guide me and keep me sane on… Continue reading Courtney Milan and her #metoo moment

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Be Careful What You Wish For: the fantasy of “alpha males”

So-called "Alpha" male characters are all the rage. However, as icon after icon falls in the wake of #MeToo, maybe we should ask ourselves if that's a good thing. I had a reader tell me that they were annoyed by my novels'--BECKONED--polite, Danish hero Soren Lund because he wasn’t “Alpha” enough. I waved the comment… Continue reading Be Careful What You Wish For: the fantasy of “alpha males”