BOOKS: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Great Summer Read

First and foremost….I’m a reader. So even though I’ve been very busy writing this summer, I am STILL reading, and I just finished reading all three books in the Crazy Rich Asians series–which includes Crazy Rich AsiansChina Rich Girlfriend, and Rich People’s Problems–by Kevin Kwan.

CRACRG         RPP

BY THE WAY…Crazy Rich Asians is currently shooting and looks to be an amazing movie with the gorgeous Jemma Chan as alluring, couture-wearing Astrid Leong. She’s going to be fabulous!

These books were a super-fun read, full of lots of plot twists and turns, and anchored by a mysterious and feisty 90-year-old grandmother who reins like the supreme empress of the universe over her family of wealthy–and super-wealthy– relatives. Given how much I love food and travel, this book was an especially good fit for me and left me my mouth watering for dumplings and noodles.

If you like jet-setters, jewels and gulab jamin, then you will love Crazy Rich Asians!





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